Where Shark Tooth Hunters Gather

Imagine pulling up to Sands Beach in Port Royal, South Carolina on the day of the Shark Tooth Frenzy. You see other shark tooth lovers, just like you, with their beach gear ready to do some serious shark tooth hunting. Since the date and time of the hunts are determined by the high and low tides you find a spot on the beach and set up your beach gear and wait for the countdown to begin! If you arrive early, before the countdown, you and your family or friends check out our vendors, t-shirts, and take pictures in front of the huge Otodus shark jaw!

The 10 second count down begins and the ropes drop for both the toddler section and the beach. All shark tooth lovers SLOWLY begin to hunt for the fossils, sharks teeth, and Megalodon sharks teeth that were placed in the water just hours before the hunt began.

 After you feel you’ve got your bucks worth,  sit back and watch all the other shark tooth hunters have the same expression you did just minutes ago. The fun doesn’t stop there when we have local food vendors like The Caroline Tavern and face painting for the kiddos. JT with sharksteeth.com, the company who supplied the sharks teeth, will be selling all sorts of neat fossils and  we have a T-Shirt booth with new customized Shark Tooth Frenzy T-Shirts each year. 

Finding a shark tooth on the beach is a memory that will last a lifetime no matter the age so come to the next Shark Tooth Frenzy and create some Frenzy memories!

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