First shark tooth hunt at Sands Beach with 300 people

How It All Began

Hunting for sharks teeth is something we all do when going to the beach, but our expectations of finding something are usually pretty low. We wanted to change those expectations from hoping to find a tiny chipped sharks tooth to hoping to find the 5 inch Megalodon at the Shark Tooth Frenzy! Our Frenzy’s were first inspired and actually passed down to us by the one and only

Shark Tooth Fairy, Mike Harris. Mike use to go diving for the sharks teeth himself and would put out sharks teeth for his friends and the local community of Port Royal and they would go out on the weekends and hunt for the sharks teeth! Mike did this for quite a few years and had a blast doing it until it became a little complicated with the state law. This is when Mike came to us about passing down the hunts and creating the Annual Shark Tooth Frenzy event.

We now purchase our sharks teeth from, one of the largest shark teeth dealers in the world and have vendors come out from the local Port Royal community and put on the best shark tooth hunting experience there ever was! You can expect Mike to be at every Frenzy with a huge smile ready to take photo’s with your kids as the Shark Tooth Fairy!

The Frenzy’s wouldn’t be possible without JT at, he is always switching up what our shark tooth hunters will find at the hunts! If your wondering how much your find might cost, check out his website for a comparison.

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