Over a 100 Megalodon sharks teeth piled on each other.

How Dare They, a Price Increase?!

You spoke up, so we listened!

To be honest with you Shark Tooth Hunters, a price increase was not a decision made lightly. A lot of time was spent reviewing the answered surveys from last year’s event because your opinions truly do matter to us. After all, your shark tooth/ fossil loving butts is why we put on the Shark Tooth Frenzy to begin with! A lot of the feedback we got back last year consisted of factors out of our hands like Mother Nature, town rules, etc. but there was a lot of great feedback that we CAN do something about and that’s exactly what we’re making happen.

The biggest change we’re making: 90% of the Shark Tooth Hunters got to take home sharks teeth and fossils. This is amazing for our first time putting on the Frenzy, but it’s just not good enough, don’t you agree? So I’m determined to do something about it! The sharks teeth placed at the Frenzy is a huge expense which we happily take on. You now know that just one 1″ Megalodon is approximately $20-$40 so now imagine the cost of 500 pounds of sharks teeth! Well guess what, we just added another 200 pounds for the May 4th Shark Tooth Frenzy to hopefully bring that 90% up to 98%! 🙌🏼 To bring it to a true 100% that’s where I need the help of you all. Loads of reviews expressed the buckets full they saw others around them have. I challenge you to first get your moneys worth (mama paid for her ticket and she’s going hunting!), but once you feel content, sit back and watch the people surrounding you have the same excitement you or your kid had just seconds ago because of the sharks tooth or fossil that was found.

Hidden Fees: I’m a fan of hidden fees, said no one ever. Eventbrite makes all of this easy peasy for this here small local biz, but all that easy peasy comes with a fee. Last year we passed the fee on, you would go to purchase the tickets thinking they were $20 then you would checkout on Eventbrite and they were actually $23.39. This year the price is the price and we’re going to pay that $3.39 instead!

Safety First: Ensuring this is a family fun and safe Frenzy is top priority on our list. Last year we had 4 policemen do a bang up job of assisting with parking, ensuring there was no consumption of alcohol, preventing theft, and the list goes on. Thanks gentlemen 😉. This year we are having 6 police from the town of Port Royal to ensure safety and security and are also having 2 Firemen with first aid kits, ready to assist at the drop of a hat! Although wearing shoes was a strict rule last year, oysters are some ferocious shells and having medical aid at the site, we see to be very beneficial.

We want to wow you at the next Shark Tooth Frenzy and the only way we’ll do that is by stopping and listening to what you have to say. You and your family wanting to come to the Shark Tooth Frenzy is the biggest feeling of accomplishment, but getting to see you or your kiddos find sharks teeth at the Frenzy is what truly makes it all worth it. I see every single like and not one comment goes by unread. We hope you read this and see how much we care about the adults, families, and children that come to our Frenzy and we hope to see you May 4th!

– Shark Tooth Frenzy 🦈

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