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Honestly Though, Do You Really Care About Safety?

With 2,000 people on The Sands Beach in a town that’s only 13 miles long. Honestly though Shark Tooth Frenzy, do you really care about the safety of your Shark Tooth Hunters?

To be honest, we wanted to get the Shark Tooth Frenzy experience right the first time without having to learn the hard way. So we’ve broken down every possible scenario, thrown the budget completely out the window, and have made it into the best dang on shark tooth hunting experience you could possibly imagine.

Every Shark Tooth Hunter that comes to the Frenzy is part of our family and treated like so. Therefore, we started with safety. The ropes set up prior to the Frenzy allows us to say when people can begin shark tooth hunting. If someone crosses the ropes you and your entire party will be escorted out of the Frenzy. This may be harsh, but think if one person crossed then another, how would we prevent shoving or a stampede into the water. Your next thought must be, “but wouldn’t that happen when the ropes drop?” The answer, absolutely not. Prior to the ropes dropping, the consequences of running into the water is stated multiple times, and police are there to enforce this. Want proof, check out last years Frenzy! Keep in mind, people want to make sure their own family is safe just as much as you do.

You may be thinking, that’s great and all Audrey, but what about my toddler? What makes The Sands Beach such a gem to our event is the tide actually creates a separate kids zone for us and fills it with water! Right on the other side of the beach is a massive ‘puddle’ which is the designated toddlers section, its depth is around 6 inches. This section is specifically created for TODDLERS to find awesome sharks teeth and fossils, not for the toddlers parents. This is the only section that we replenish with fossils throughout the event. If parents are found picking up teeth in the toddlers section they will be asked to go over to the other side of the beach. We want your kids and family to have fun and feel safe at our Shark Tooth Frenzy so if you feel your 5 – 7 year old would be more comfortable in the toddlers section, that is more than fine as well! 

We are all about creating a fun and safe environment for our Shark Tooth Hunters and have “kid checks” where we pause the event every 30 minutes to ensure all parents know where their children are. At the Frenzy we also have a mom tent for any mothers that are breastfeeding and a diaper changing table to prevent having to leave the event and sit in a hot car. Other safety precautions we have taken consists of having six Port Royal policeman through the duration of the event and two EMS staff with first aid kits readily available. We ask that you please use their services, no matter how small you think it may seem.

Safety is our first priority and is something we take very seriously. We hope you know how important you and your family’s safety is to us at the Shark Tooth Frenzy and we hope to see you out there this summer! If you have any suggestions on additional safety precautions we can take or have any questions that wasn’t mentioned, feel free to email us at

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