Shark Tooth Frenzy Parking

Address to Shark Tooth Frenzy Parking: 703 Paris Ave Port Royal, SC 29935

This year the town of Port Royal will be controlling all traffic and parking. To prevent complaints from the local community we ask that you follow all traffic signs to the designated parking areas. There will be a choice between two lots, a $5 lot and a $3 general lot, CASH ONLY. Both lots will have a bus pickup point near the entrance, this service is free and is covered by the Shark Tooth Frenzy! Access to Sands Beach Road will be limited and Port Royal Police Officers will be patrolling and issuing citations to illegally parked cars. 

HANDICAP PARKING: Parking is free for handicap, you must have a handicap parking permit to park here. View the Parking Plan to see where to park.