Honestly Though, Do You Really Care About Safety?

With 2,000 people on The Sands Beach in a town that’s only 13 miles long. Honestly though Shark Tooth Frenzy, do you really care about the safety of your Shark Tooth Hunters?

To be honest, we wanted to get the Shark Tooth Frenzy experience right the first time without having to learn the hard way. So we’ve broken down every possible scenario, thrown the budget completely out the window, and have made it into the best dang on shark tooth hunting experience you could possibly imagine.

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Over a 100 Megalodon sharks teeth piled on each other.

How Dare They, a Price Increase?!

You spoke up, so we listened!

To be honest with you Shark Tooth Hunters, a price increase was not a decision made lightly. A lot of time was spent reviewing the answered surveys from last year’s event because your opinions truly do matter to us. After all, your shark tooth/ fossil loving butts is why we put on the Shark Tooth Frenzy to begin with! A lot of the feedback we got back last year consisted of factors out of our hands like Mother Nature, town rules, etc. but there was a lot of great feedback that we CAN do something about and that’s exactly what we’re making happen. Continue reading “How Dare They, a Price Increase?!”

First shark tooth hunt at Sands Beach with 300 people

How It All Began

Hunting for sharks teeth is something we all do when going to the beach, but our expectations of finding something are usually pretty low. We wanted to change those expectations from hoping to find a tiny chipped sharks tooth to hoping to find the 5 inch Megalodon at the Shark Tooth Frenzy! Our Frenzy’s were first inspired and actually passed down to us by the one and only

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Where Shark Tooth Hunters Gather

Imagine pulling up to Sands Beach in Port Royal, South Carolina on the day of the Shark Tooth Frenzy. You see other shark tooth lovers, just like you, with their beach gear ready to do some serious shark tooth hunting. Since the date and time of the hunts are determined by the high and low tides you find a spot on the beach and set up your beach gear and wait for the countdown to begin! If you arrive early, before the countdown, you and your family or friends check out our vendors, t-shirts, and take pictures in front of the huge Otodus shark jaw!

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