WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY TO WATCH MY KID COLLECT TEETH? We put out thousands of dollars of teeth to create amazing memories for your kids and family. Your $30 admission ticket is to help cover the fee of the teeth, activities day of, and keep the children tickets FREE! 

  • Note: Anyone below the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • If your child is hunting for sharks teeth you MUST have purchased a ticket in order for them to hunt.
  • If you are over the age of 12 you MUST have a purchased admission ticket to enter the event. 

NO ALCOHOL & NO DOGS: It is against the town law to have or consume alcohol on the Port Royal Sands Beach, Police will enforce. Dogs are not allowed into the event for the safety of others. The only exception is a Service Dog.

RAIN OR SHINE: The day of, we will be out there hunting for sharks teeth rain or shine since everyone will be wet already hunting for sharks teeth! If a storm does occur, we watch very closely for lightening and if it reaches a 15 mile radius of the event we shut down for 20 minuets after the lightening stops. 

RULES: We have a couple of rules in place to ensure maximum fun and tons of shark tooth hunting!

  • (1) Stay out of the water until all teeth are hidden.
  • (2) No metal tools allowed, period.
  • (3) I supply the fossils and you supply the parenting.
  • (4) Give people space, there are fossils everywhere!
  • (5) Wear shoes the entire event.
  • (6) If you push someone for a fossil or for any reason, it’s assault and there are police at the event to enforce this. Safety always comes first at the Shark Tooth Frenzy’s.
  • (7) Don’t litter and use the trash cans


  • It’s a beach day so bring BATHING SUITS,  towels, WATER, chairs, UMBRELLAS and sunscreen.
  • Most of the teeth are in the water, so be prepared to get wet and have some fun! 
  • Like most beaches, Sands Beach does not provide a lot of shade. Please prepare for this by bringing an umbrella and staying hydrated throughout the day. There will also be water available for purchase. 
  • The fossils will not be buried so plastic shovels, plastic buckets, and plastic sand shifters is all you will need! Note: No metal tools are allowed inside of the event, period. They can be dangerous to others and are honestly not needed.

BREASTFEEDING/CHANGING TENT: There will be a tent available for moms that need to breastfeed or change their little ones so they don’t have to leave the event.