Upcoming Shark Tooth Frenzy   May – 2021

Shark Tooth Hunters,
Unfortunately there have been many complications with putting on this years Shark Tooth Frenzy. As you all know this is a family run event, after discussing it with my family, the 2020 Frenzy has been cancelled. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and we hope you will stay with us through this setback. This is not the end of the Shark Tooth Frenzy, just God closing doors and we hope new doors will be opened. Thank you, dedicated shark tooth hunters.

SHARK TOOTH HUNTERS are you ready to have a Frenzy finding sharks teeth!  12 and under are FREE! This year a total of 2,000 tickets will be sold to ensure safety and maximum fun at this years Frenzy so don’t wait!

Make sure to select your 13+ Admission Ticket and then select how many children are attending with you. Admission is charged for anyone ABOVE the age of 13 passing the admission gate, regardless of whether or not you intend to hunt for fossils & sharks teeth.