Meet the Owner

Meet the woman behind the Shark Tooth Frenzy! My name is Audrey Flores and I have lived and breathed shark teeth my entire life! I am a true local of the Holy City: Charleston, SC and don’t ever plan on leaving. For my day job I actually work for the March of Dimes, hint why I donate some of the proceeds to their Mission!

My father, John Taylor, was a Navy Diver and is now one of the biggest shark tooth dealers in the world. When I was a kid, I remember having friends over and they would be amazed by my dad’s huge collection of sharks teeth. You name it and I promise he had it. To me though, it was just another day sitting up in dad’s office with his bazillion sharks teeth. It wasn’t until I was older  that I truly became shark tooth obsessed just like my dad and wanted to create the best shark tooth hunting experience a kid or adult could ever imagine.

I am beyond grateful and so thrilled to put on the Frenzy’s and create so many smiles and family memories!

This event wouldn’t be possible without all of you Shark Tooth Hunters and I can’t say thank you enough! – Audrey Flores