Sharks Teeth & Fossils

Anything you find at the Shark Tooth Frenzy is yours to keep!

Wondering what you will find?
  • 6″ Megalodon Shark Tooth
  • 5” Megalodon Sharks Teeth –  A once in a lifetime find! 5 teeth at this size
  • 4″ – 1″  Megalodon Sharks Teeth 
  • 4″ – 1″  Megaoldon Shark Teeth Halfs 
  • Indian Arrowheads
  • Squalicorax  Sharks Teeth
  • Fossilized Turritella Shells
  • Whale Vertebrae 
  • Trilobites
  • Orthoceras: Ancient Mollusks
  • Whale Inner Ear Bone
  • Moroccan Sharks Teeth
  • Assorted fossilized sharks teeth: Tiger, Mako, Hemipristis, Great White 

And MORE so stay tuned for updates! 

Based on a survey from last years event, 90% of our Shark Tooth Hunters went home with an amazing shark tooth or fossil!